IBM SPSS software and Watson Analytics

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Hello reader,

Thank you all very much for following my blog. At this moment IBM is very active in promoting Watson Analytics. I am very sure you saw some kind of promotion passing by. But I also want to highlight that all the IBM SPSS customers should know is that IBM Watson Analytics is also possible in combination with the IBM SPSS modeler.

Below you find a video where the IBM Watson Analytics is used in combination with IBM SPSS modeler.

Do you have or do you want to know more about Watson in combination with SPSS modeler. Please contact me.

If you do not have IBM SPSS modeler and you like to know more about this. You can also contact me and I will get you in contact with the IBM SPSS modeler specialist.

The best is to contact me by email or Linkedin. My IBM email is: but I suggest you also can get with me in contact on Linkedin:



My first post – Introduction to me as an IBM employee

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Hello Reader,

Thank you for going to my blog I created for IBM and myself. All my opinions on this blog are from my own and created for my IBM customer’s but also for anybody else that likes to read it. Although most of my customer’s are Dutch speaking I also want a wider public to be able to read the posts. That’s why I decided to write in English. I hope the Dutch readers do not mind.

I was thinking it was a good idea with this first blog-post to introduce myself and my job in IBM. I work since 3 years in IBM. From the beginning I was dealing with SPSS only but in the last two years they also added Algoritmics, Kenexa, Tealeaf, Platform, Urbancode, Storediq, Daeja and Emptoris to my portfolio. In the past I was also dealing on a lower scale with I2 and Varicent.

I do not deal with new customers. I deal with existing customers that have to renew their licenses. So they already own the licenses and renew with me every year their subscription and support (S&S)

In my daily job I deal with disputes, payments, quotes, address changes, name changes and a lot of other administration task but the main purpose of my job is to renew the S&S on time.

Separate from my job I am also very active with the social media part of the job. I have an account on Linkedin, Twitter, Google+, Slideshare, Youtube and now I started with this blog/website to help you as a customer’s to get a better understanding from my job and IBM but also I hope to give you some nice and interesting readings.

It will be great if you can sign up to follow my blog and social media. I promise I not spam you too much but update this blog with good information for everyone.